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The Minds
Make a leap across                Time ...

The world painfully recovered from the Global War that stroke in 2029. It lasted only seven minutes, but caused a huge crisis that killed billions of people.

The deeply traumatized survivors, eager to build a better world, decide the freedom of information and the protection of privacy.

The conquest of Space resumes, in order to discover new territories, that are necessarily virgin, for the research for extraterrestrial intelligence has been unsuccessful so far.

While travelling through the Solar System, a cargo spaceship comes across the trail of another species, The Minds.

The Minds are definitively smarter than Man, and they pursue different purposes.

Man will have to question its supremacy over the world and learn to live together, to manage better the natural resources, and to  think a new future.


This website promotes The Trilogy of the Minds (La Trilogie des Esprits), a set of three hard realistic Science-Fiction novels, written in French